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Contact Me & Frequently Asked Questions
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If you would like to set up an appointment or have any questions about My Nails & Me, please Call or Text during business hours at 991-0514. If you call please leave a message, as I may be with a client. I  do return all calls promptly.

If you prefer please feel free to fill out the form below and indicate what service interests you, and I would be happy to contact you.

I am by Appointment Only, so please try to call a day or two in advance, as I am often times busy and would hate to miss or not be able to accommodate your schedule!



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Q: I have been seeing a lot of push for Gel Nails, what exactly is this?
A: Gel Nails are a finish that is cured using harmless UV light.  Its very durable often times lasting weeks. It is harmlessly removed with acetone.
Newer equipment can cure these finishes in under a minute, and the result is amazing! 
CND, Harmony, & OPI all have versions of this finish known as Shellac, Gelish, Gel Polish.  They are all very similar.

Q: Do you do large groups or parties?
A: No. I specialize in individual service, however bringing a friend is encouraged! 

Q: You have Manicures, Pedicures, & Reflexology shown on your site, do you do nail enhancements such as acrylic nails?

A:  I am a licensed State of Idaho Nail Tech and do nail enhancements on a limited basis, however it is not my focus.

Q: What is your salon like?
A: My Clients often comment on how comfortable and peaceful they feel when they are visiting.

Q: Can you do more than one client at a time?
A: Yes, When making an appointment if you want to bring a friend that's wonderful.  Please note that to keep a comfortable
atmosphere and insure that your experience is a good one, I will never schedule other clients during your time.

Q: Can you provide Manicure & Pedicure services for my husband or boyfriend?
A: Absolutely!  I have several male clients who enjoy the privacy my salon offers.